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Scott's Story

In this world financially successful people often lose their way and need help in getting back on the right path.  Often times in the confusion these go-getters try many different kinds of solutions which all end in frustration and disappointment. When a competitor finds them self in this kind of situation he/she may feel like life is spinning out of control and there is no hope or way out.  If this condition goes on for too long, a winner may feel like he/she is dying a little bit each day.

I have personally experienced these very feelings and it is because of this reality I have learned the best practices to win with my financies.  I can say with all transparency I have not fully arrived and achieved all of my goals.  I am, however, a lot further along in my journey than if I had not learned these financial lessons and disciplines.  As a result, I love to invest and teach others how to thrive in their financial journey.


"You can do


but not


- David Allen

My Mission

At KriSco Coaching I desire to help as many people as possible to win with their finances and to leave a legacy to their children's children or passion project.  Our financial life was never meant to be lived on autopilot, but for far too many people that is exactly the kind of life they live.  They wake up each day and do the exact same thing day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out. They eventually wake up to find it has now been years of the same dull, lackluster financial life.  For many, the spark has grown cold and they no longer believe their financial life can be extraordinary. At KriSco Coaching, I believe that financial spark can be rekindled.  A flame of passion and zeal can fill their very spirit once more and they can dream again about the possibilities for their future.  I come alongside people and help them rediscover this financial vision for their life and then develop a personalized plan that will guide them on their journey.  This plan will help them to recognize when they have gotten off course and redirect them back to their real financial purpose for life.  I look forward to taking this excursion with you and being your guide as you awaken the financial spirit within you for your life, your children's children's life and your passion projects.

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